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Hi!  Thank you for stopping by Polka Dot Creek! I'm Shelley, a wife, mother of 2, hairstylist and quilter.   I learned to crochet at an early age from my grandmothers and my mom, and learned to knit just a few years ago, and I was hooked!  I found the world of yarn dyeing and was amazed at creating yarn with colour. I went from dyeing hair to dyeing yarn!  

I work in my little studio from home in Airdrie, Alberta Canada.  I love to create speckled and variegated colorways, but I love to also dye tonals and semi solids to pair them with.  I am the sole dyer and operator, and all skeins are dyed in small batches, the dye is set until the water is clear and wash them all by hand myself.  Sometimes bleeding can occur within the first few washes, cool water and a splash of vinegar will help stop the bleeding, but in no way does it affect the overall colour of the yarn.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at [email protected]